Moon Shine
Candid shot!

Dan Martinez has a heart of gold but a head of... not... much. His two loves are women and things that make him more attractive to women, and his major pretty much seems to change with wind.

Nevermind that he knows nothing about home repair.

Tim Bartek is happiest when he’s nowhere to be found. He is the truest of anthropology nerds and takes everything from his work to his relationships very, very seriously. Like, way seriously.

One of the few talented skirt-bikers of WCU.

Jessie Sullivan has been described more than once as the “Irish Goddess of Beauty and Wrath.” She will bend the earth and stars to get what she wants, and does not eat anything that has ever had a face.

That's Kierkegaard he's reading.

Sidney King is on the cutting edge of everything ever. He loves his coffee, computers, and condescension, and is credited with the ability to condense the views of any philosopher into a single sentence—with no articles.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely night at the library.

Tracy Picard is a shy girl who looooooves animals. Probably more than people. She doesn’t know what it means to sit still, and is happiest when either covered in charcoal and paint or noodling around on a guitar.

Hasn't been carded since he was 17.

Jeff Engel is the guy that everyone loves and hates because he is good at everything. He somehow manages two majors, a job, and being Jessie’s best friend. He also makes lots of girls cry (cuz he likes boys better).

Foxy Lady

Mabel is a fox. Generally she’s either getting attention or demanding it, and she’s super super cute.