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Inking in their footsteps

You may notice on strip #60 a pretty drastic difference in some of the line widths. This is (partly) intentional! See, the art store I go to had this huge sale. I went, and found myself in the brush section. Long story short, Bill Watterson used to use a sable brush to paint Calvin and Hobbes, as did (and do) many other authors. I thought, 'well maybe I should do that! Then I'll really be somethin'.' Well, as you can see... Never quite made up my mind on how I felt about using the brush vs. a crow quill, but I think I'll keep at it the way I was doing it before. As for what to do with that brush, well... you'll see :)

A cartoonist grows in Brooklyn

First, visiting Brooklyn with comrade James was super fun. Went to the Brooklyn Book Festival and wandered around Central Park for a little while (yes, I realize that's Manhattan), saw some crazy people doing crazy people stuff in the middle of lots of less-crazy people. One thing I will say about New York: it is amazing what variety of everything is there! Ethnicity, language, food, etc., you name it. Although I think the next time someone hands me an unsolicited flyer or whatever I'm going to light them on fire. Didn't much enjoy that part.

Second! What you are starting to see is what, after much research into the art and craft of storytelling I have discovered is called… plot development. Fancy, right? I realized not too long ago that I was basically trying to write a PG-13 Calvin and Hobbes, and as much as I love love (love) that strip it's not the sense of humor I use in real life, nor does it have the sort of story arc that I love so much in the comics I read now like Octopus Pie and Lackadaisy. So at the risk of maybe toning down the elbow-in-the-ribs gags for a while, here comes some story!

The triumphant return


Let me first say…

SPX was amazing!!! The show has an incredible atmosphere, wonderful people, and a plethora of phenomenal work to peruse (and of course, buy). It was only my second convention, but I left with a much lighter spirit and heavier heart than I did the Philadelphia Comic Con. I met some really fantastic creators as well as some friends who had come down from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. Simply put, I CANNOT WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR.

Second, I came home with a real fire in my belly to draw some awesome stuff, so look forward to the best comics I have yet produced! I am also pushing some ideas up from the backburner that should be pretty exciting for all of you; I'll keep you posted :)




Post number the first


Welcome to the new Moon Shine site! After much hard work which got scrapped and done again, the site is now replete with awesome web stuff. Check out the new character bios, now updated to include the full cast in the current style. I’ve also got a new about page that doesn’t look like I drew it while I was falling asleep in class (I might have drawn the original while I was falling asleep in class). And, of course, a place for Words!! If you want to read old Words, they’ll be over here.

That being said, SPX! For those who don’t know, SPX (Small Press Expo) is a comic convention in Bethesda, MD that emphasizes indie comics, zines, mini comics, and webcomics. I’ll be down there this Saturday, not at a table but still there doing my networkin’ thing. I’ll mostly be visiting a couple of my favorite authors like Chris Baldwin of Spacetrawler, and Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie, all of which you should go check out if you haven’t already!


Hope to see you there :)