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October greys

Experiment number next in the grayscale shading department! I think this one is turning out rather well for how much time it takes to put it all together. Another change I've made is the font size; after taking a look at some comics that use computer fonts I realized my text is enormous! By making it smaller, I have freed up more space to 1.) draw more stuff and 2.) write more words! So exciting.

I have also begun work on a new facet of the writing! I noticed that my characters--while able to stand on their own, in my humble opinion--didn't necessarily know how to react to each other as individuals. In the same way I don't speak to my mother the way I speak to a professor, dude friend, or lady, I need Dan to react differently to Tim, Tracy, and Jeff, for example. 'Tis where my sights are set, friends, and this ship will not lower its anchor until we crash onto the coral reef of success! 

…or maybe a harbor, I guess

A style in flux

You may have noticed something different this week, which is because something totally changed! Unfortunately, I had to change it back. Don't get me wrong, the characters being shaded in looks wicked cool! But there comes a point where one must decide between uploading a Renaissance masterpiece and making the deadline, so to speak. The other reason I'm changing it back from shaded with the ink washes to shaded with cross-hatches is twofold: for one, I'll be forcing myself to get better at a style that I have really no experience with--that is, using hatches and perhaps even stippling at some point. Second, I'll be developing two distinctly different styles, which as an artist (and perhaps one day an illustrator) is super super important. 

Unrelated, I've found something very interesting I'd like to share. A blog I follow posted this quotation (quote vs. quotation) by Charles Schulz of the strip Peanuts, and I'd like to share:

"I have always believed that you not only cast a strip to enable the characters to do things you want them to, but that the characters themselves, by their very nature and personality, should provide you with ideas. These are the characters who remain in the feature and are seen most often. The more distinct the personalities are, the better the feature will be. Readers can then respond to the character as though they were real."

Character development is something I've been wrestling with for a long time, especially with two characters who were originally supposed to be real people (Tim and Dan) and two characters who happened completely by accident (Tracy and Jeff). But if there's one thing that will not stand it's any work of mine being the trite nonsense that is so freely strewn about the web. So here's my message to you, the readers, and to the late Mr. Schulz: challenge accepted :)